Row by Row & Wooly Block Adventure

2017 Row by Row

"On the Go"


Row by Row 2017 started on June 21st and runs through September 5th, 2017. 

"Going Fabric Shoppng" is The Fabric Shop's row for this year and it is an ALL PIECED row with the exception of the vintage truck applique. You asked for more pieced rows and we listened. We hope that you like our row. 


Come in and visit with us and pick up the Complimentary pattern (1 per customer, please) or purchase a quick kit with all the materials and a pattern included. 


New for 2017

 Row  by Row Jr.

School may be out, but summer 2017 will still be alive with learning when kids hit the road to participate in Row by Row Experience’s brand new program, Row by Row Jr. It’s for kids ages 6 to 14 and follows the same schedule as adult Row by Row. Kids travel along with an adult, collect free row patterns designed just for them to make, and learn to sew at home with family help and support from


The Golden Rule of teaching kids to sew is:

Let them pick out their own fabric even though you may not like it.

Parents, this is not easy. But letting them pick their own fabric is one of the keys to success. If they like their fabric, they will want to work with it and follow through with the project. Kids don’t care if the fabric will match the drapes or look good with the carpet. They like a fabric for what it means to them.

The cutting counter is a great learning opportunity for kids. Lots of math, fractions, decision making, and observing the whole fabric buying process. Let kids tell the shop staffer what amounts they need. Conversing with a business person is a big step in social development and confidence building. Kids don’t get too many opportunities for this kind of interaction.

Or you can buy a prepackaged Row by Row Junior kit. We have plenty of these available for you. They are so convenient. Reviewing a kit’s contents is a good learning opportunity too. Does it have everything you need? Is anything else necessary to complete the project like thread or fusible web?

Whichever way you go, just enjoy the time you're spending with your kids or grandkids and enjoy the EXPERIENCE! 


Row by Row Jr

Tool Kit

The Row by Row Junior Tool Kit contents can be found on the back cover of all Junior patterns. It’s a list of common tools and notions kids should have available when working on Junior projects. Most of these tools can be found at your favorite local quilt shop.


We have packaged them together for your convenience and offer it to you at a very special Jr. price. It is labeled as a R x R Junior Tool Kit. These will make nice gifts for any beginner learning to sew, not just kids.


It is important that kids have their "own tools/supplies" so that they truly feel ownership of their projects.



Here are the tools we recommend. 

  • A sewing machine in good working order (not a toy) with Schmetz Microtex Sharp Size 80/12 needles. This size needle is fine enough to pierce today’s quality quilting cottons efficiently yet it’s still easy to thread for young fingers–and aging eyes.
  • Fine sharp pins and a pin cushion. We’ve tested quite a few pin styles for kids and found that Clover’s Silk Glasshead Boxed Pins 1-1/4″ long Size 30 with the red and white heads are best. This size is large enough to pick up easily but fine enough to glide through fabric layers and–warning–sew over easily. Yes, we do recommend sewing over pins, even for kids. Tip–take only 20-25 pins out of the box and then put the box away out of reach. Another alternative are Clover yellow headed quilting pins because they are large enough for small fingers to grasp.
  • A pin cushion is recommended over a magnetic style dish. The action of putting the pins in a cushion reinforces “pincer grasp” development. This is important for proper pencil grip and handwriting. 
  • A good seam ripper. There are many on the market but look for a size that fits small hands well but it’s fine point and sharp edge fit under stubborn stitches best. 
  • 7″- 8"  Bent Handle scissors for cutting both paper and fabric, especially for cutting out applique shapes that have been fused to fabric.
  • 5″ blunt point scissors for snipping threads after stitching a seam.  Keep these smaller scissors next to your machine. Fiskars makes very good versions of these sizes.
  • A 1″ x 12″ clear ruler for measuring and drawing diagonal lines from corner to corner. These can be usual school rulers.
  • Ordinary mechanical pencil for accurate pattern tracing and drawing diagonal lines.
  • An iron and an ironing board. A lightweight travel iron is easier for younger kids to handle. Lowering the ironing board to kid height is a good idea too. Some Jr patterns have quite a bit of applique fusing. It’s a good idea to use an applique pressing sheet or cover your good ironing board with scrap cloth to protect against fusible “leaks” around the edges.