Classes & Clubs

Quilting Classes

Our quilting classes are for everyone from novices who want to learn to quilt to our more advanced Judy Niemeyer classes with our certified Judy Niemeyer instructor. There is something for everyone.


 In our Beginning Quilting class,  you learn the basics of quilting and make your first lap quilt.


Other quilting classes are held where you learn the newest quilting techniques and make great items like quilts, table runners, handbags, and other cool projects. These classes will continue to challenge and grow your quilting skills as you make life-long friends!  


Sewing Classes

There is a national trend towards people wanting to learn to sew and design fashion. This has been accelerated by the "Project Runway" show, and well-known sewing machine companies have even come out with their version of "Project Runway" sewing machines! 


Yet middle and high schools have all but eliminated their sewing programs. So indpendent sewing schools have been popping up around the country. But many of them do not provide a comprehensive curriculum, pack far too many students into the classes, and teachers often lack professional textile education and real-life experience.


Our Beginning Sewing for Teens & Adults, Learning to Sew for Baby - Nursery Series and our Home Decor classes are based on a tried and true curriculum with a limited number of students for focused attention and are taught by a professionally educated sewing teacher with a background in textiles and fashion design. 


Kids Sewing Club

We offer a specialized sewing program developed especially for children age 8-15 who want to learn to sew. Kids love to belong to a club, and as club members they learn to sew, design fashion, and earn rewards for the projects they make to redeem for gift certificates. Many kids enter their projects into the 4-H and other competitions at the County and State Fair and win great ribbons!


Kids love learning to sew and find our sewing classes to be fun and easy. Our after-school club allows your kids to learn at their own pace, and we focus on each member's skill level and challenge them to help them learn and grow. They learn sewing machine and tool basics and safety, measuring and cutting fabric, pressing techniques and how to handle an iron, and an introduction to pattern reading and design 



Fiber Arts Classes

Fiber arts go hand in hand with fabric, sewing and quilting. Diversifying into fiber arts like knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving and dyeing classes &  products support our agricultural and urban community who are looking to learn these time-honored arts & crafts.


Wool Classes