Quilting and Long Arm Services

Quilting and Long Arm  Services



Let our professional quilters help you get it done with our quilt



services!  We can finish piecing or repairing that quilt top. Don't trust your heirloom quilt to just anybody!  The Fabric Shop prides itself on quality work, just like we would do for ourselves, and at reasonable prices. We also offer binding services and professional machine quilting. 

  • Do you have a quilt top that you pierced and now needs to be quilted and finished?
  • Did you inherit a quilt or have one that needs repairing, but you just don't know what to do with it?
  • Do you have a half finished quilt top that you or someone else just didn't get to and it's sitting there collecting dust? 
Let our professional quilters help you get it done!  We can finish piecing or repairing that quilt top that was started so long ago so it can become the family heirloom it was meant to be. Prices for these types of services can vary widely depending on the size and quality.
  • Quilt Top Piecing and Pressing:  $20-$40 depending on size
  • Quilt Back Piecing and Pressing: $10-$20 depending on size
  • Binding Services - cutting and piecing binding pieces and attaching the binding to the quilt. We will also attach your quilt label if you desire.  Piecing and attaching binding: $12-$20 depending on size
  • Machine Quilting (Long Arm) - We offer professional machine quilting for lap to king size quilts and prices vary depending on the batting used, the size of the quilt and the pattern chosen. We offer numerous patterns that complement many quilts. Stop by the shop to see our quilt design book. Estimates are $40-$120 depending on the above variables.

Please give us a call for information and ask about our reasonable pricing on these speciality services or stop by the shop with your project to discuss how we can help you. You'll be glad you did! See what our customers said about our us!